Woman-Centric Information

TC Homes is an exclusively licensed Woman-Centric Matters SM home builder in the Minneapolis area. Our entire way of doing business has been designed to meet your needs, whatever stage of life, whatever your lifestyle requires with flexibility built-in for tomorrow.

Three key areas where you will notice the Woman-Centric difference:


  1. Enhanced Buyers' Experience
    Policies, procedures and systems that are convenient
  2. Features and Amenities in the Home
    Products that are easy to clean or low maintenance, giving you back a little more of your time, money and health.
  3. Home Design Trends
    From entertaining kitchens to accommodating home-based businesses, our home designs embody the future of American housing. Storage is plentiful, relaxation areas are seamlessly integrated, places to entertain both formally and casually are available and much consideration is given to rooms that can be flexible as your family's needs change.