How To Build

How To Build. It’s a pretty vague title. We know.

As we were discussing how we used to build, how we currently build and what we hope to build, there was one key factor to it all. Trust and loyalty. See how…

  1. Building a home starts with a relationship ‘built’ on trust. You trust us and we listen carefully to get it right. You are important to us. So important that we talk about you over Thanksgiving dinner.
  2. Building a home does not begin with a floor plan, it begins with a clear plan. What are your expectations? Once your expectations are clear, we begin to plan. We plan to exceed your expectations. And then we talk about you over Christmas dinner.
  3. Once the plan and expectations are set, we contract experts in their field to fulfill the needs. We don’t call them subs, they’re our partners. We’ve grown our partner relationships over 30 years, loyalty is priceless. We’re friends with them and talk about you with them at birthday parties.
  4. We remain in close communication with you throughout the project and are available 24/7. You can reach us via phone, email, skype, facebook or any other way you choose. You can even come over during dinner. (I’d choose Jerry’s house, he gets the best dinners).
  5. There are a lot of inspections that take place along the way. Each city has a different way of running their inspections. TC Homes’ outstanding reputation has us in good standing with these inspectors, getting your project first in line, even when there’s a MN state shutdown. Inspectors don’t eat dinner, but they do know good builders and aren’t afraid to give a nod of approval for TC Homes when asked.
  6. When the final inspection is passed and it comes time for us to turn over your keys, we won’t hollar into a megaphone, but we offer to bring you to dinner. We’ll even send you a hand-written Thank You card saying something like this, “Thank You…..your trust and loyalty is what made this all possible and we look forward to seeing you again sometime.” You can be sure that if you send us a Christmas card, we’ll pass it around the table and smile at how your family has grown.

Don’t settle for less. Beware of forclosures. Learn about new home warranties. Contact Us to schedule a no obligation consultation. We’re all ears.

TC Homes is a Minneapolis, MN General Contractor. Our focus is on building custom homes, remodeling projects, insurance restoration and property management. Our service area includes much of the Twin Cities metro area. TC Homes has been in business for over 30 years and we are looking forward to another 30.

*Be sure to check out our rental property located in the Brockton Meadows development, Rogers, MN – just one exit past Maple Grove, MN.


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