TC Homes: 2012 Trends

As TC Homes wraps up 2012, it is fun to look back at all that has been accomplished, as well as take a moment to thank those that helped us along the way!

Selling existing homes and building new construction homes has increased dramatically in the last year. There is also a trend that was foreseeable, but this year has become more evident… General contractors and sub-contractors are hiring, yet potential employees have dwindled. Have you heard? This sort of supply and demand has also started to play a role in existing homes final sale price.

Are you curious to see what your home is worth?

TC Homes has many people to thank for a successful 2012. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our sub-contractors and their amazing work. We appreciate our long-standing partnerships, as well as the loyalty that has been shown to us over the years. TC Homes is also thankful for our many realtor relationships, investment partners and referrals from past and present customers. There’s a lot to be said when a customer refers you to their builder and we thank you all very much.

A congratulations is in order for all of you that have packed your belongings and started your 2012 in a new home. TC Homes is honored to have helped you along the way and we look forward to hearing from you again. One of the most exciting parts of our business is getting to watch a family grow over the years. Whether it be through Christmas cards, birth announcements or a phone call, we are always joyed to share your news throughout our office.

From our families to yours,

Thank you and Merry Christmas,

The Tutt’s

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