Design Trends

When Building and Remodeling there are many trends that go in and out of style. TC Homes is proud to partner with subcontractors that offer the latest and most up-to-date styles that will make your new home one that you will enjoy now and later. Whether you are a first time home buyer, relocating or renovating, these design trends are sure to make living in your home carefree. If you choose to sell your home, the design trends will help ensure your home gets top dollar in resale value.


Barrier-Free Living & Handicap Accessible Homes
Barrier-Free living is a term that is taking builders and home owners by storm. Instead of having to lose a beautiful home for fear that there are too many stairs or that the bathrooms are too small, people are choosing to build and renovate now to save themselves the pain and anguish of a strenuous and taxing move when they are older. In other words, people are choosing to build and/or remodel their homes with an open floor plan.


Whether one in is an early, mid or later lifecycle, making one’s home completely accessible, provides easy entertaining and accessible for all. In order to make one’s home completely accessible, without having any barriers, many people are installing items such as safe bathrooms, wider doorways, or small modifications such as grab bars and safety bars. All of these renovations are now being done without losing the natural beauty and chic décor of the home that you love and plan on living in for a lifetime.


Home modification is the new “IT” in renovations. Home modifications also involve adapting a home so that a person with disabilities can perform activities of daily living as safely and comfortably as possible while maintaining a strong sense of independence. An investment in home modification may eliminate or possibly delay the need for institutional care.


TC Homes are designed to create a magnificent custom home with invisible accessibility that will allow aging or disabled individuals to live in their homes for as long as they desire. With a few modifications, you don’t have to feel pressured out of your custom designed and comfortable home. Thanks to this new combination of accessibility and design, you can stay safe and comfortable in your new, lifetime-friendly home.


What does a lifetime-friendly home look like?

Hard surface flooring
Hard surfaces offer easier walking, cleaning and wheeling across. One reason for wood’s return to favor is the increasing prevalence of more open floor plans, in which kitchens and family rooms blend together. Wood floors offer a warm, seamless look for these “great room” designs. Kitchens are really the new living rooms of today’s homes. Our clients hang out in the kitchen and great room and we want it to be warm and inviting.


The telephone booth-size shower is going the way of the telephone booth. With so many great shower features out there, people want big, beautiful showers where they can soak in comfort and style. Of course, once they pour creative thinking and dollars into a dream shower, they want it to serve them for a long time. Universal design, an ingenious approach that makes sure designs work for everyone, regardless of age, size, ability and changing needs, helps ensure that the shower will do just that.


Mother-in-law suite
Building a new home with a mother-in-law suite in mind or renovating your existing home for a mother in-law suit is a wonderful investment. It seems as though more and more people are having their parents stay in their own homes as they age rather than putting them in a home for seniors. This addition is also a great way to add even more equity to your home.


A feature that you should consider adding to your mother in-law suite is a separate entrance. This way she can come and go as she pleases without disturbing anyone or getting the grandkids all excited because she is there. A definite must for a mother in-law suite is a complete kitchen. This way she can cook for herself if she would like. You will also need to supply her with her own laundry room. The unit is completely self-sufficient. If you find later on that she no longer uses your mother in-law suite for whatever reason, you could rent out that apartment and have an income suite. This additional income can always help as well.


If you are simply not ready to have your mother-in-law suite built, TC Homes designs your spaces with that in mind for the possibility of a suite in the future. Exercise rooms are easily transformed into kitchens when plumbing and electrical are placed during the building process. Large bedroom walk-in closets are plumbed for a stackable washer and dryer. All of these ideas not only make the transformation more efficient, they make your resale value higher.


Building a Barrier Free Home

Jennifer and Bryan give us a closer look inside the accessible home they built to accommodate their special needs family. Their oldest son, Roa, was born with cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair to get from place to place. EasyStand @rojosjourney