Property Management

TC Homes provides services unmatched by other property management companies.  Our care and attention to your property is as though it were our own.  We manage single family, duplex, 4-plex, multi-family, commercial and townhome/condo associations, such as Brockton Meadows in Rogers, MN.  We manage every segment of the property management business. 


For those just getting into the property investment arena, we can help find that investment property that's a right fit for your investment portfolio.  We can work with you as a realtor or if you have a realtor we can work with you as an experienced eye in inspecting each property for value and future profitability. 


Our maintenance team has completely renovated duplexes and 4-plexs and performed 1000's of maintenance tasks, we know what’s behind the wall, under the floor and above the ceiling. In addition to the property management services, TC Homes can manage your larger remodels, extensive turn over work or building renovation. 


Throughout the whole process, TC Homes will keep your plan and budget in mind.   Our extensive experience in multiple areas has given us a deep base of knowledge in maintenance experience, leadership experience, operational experience and management experience.  TC Homes is the company for getting that difficult situation resolved.