It happens suddenly, over a cup of coffee and the morning newspaper, or perhaps as you make your way across the obstacle course of clutter that was once your living room. Your house doesn't fit your needs, and you can no longer deny it.


TC Homes is a full-service company that looks after all the carpentry, flooring, plumbing, electrical, and any other trades that you may need when renovating your home. TC Homes also has access to the best showrooms and experts. Here you can see all the latest styles and finishes of materials and décor such as cabinetry, original tile designs and much more for both your interior and exterior renovation needs. If passion, swift delivery and a competitive price are your criteria for choosing a general contractor, then we suggest you check out TC Homes.


Barrier-Free Living & Handicap Accessible Design Trends 



TC Homes transforms concepts and intentions into extraordinary environments providing interior renovation and adaptive building. TC Homes can help you discover hidden space, recommend products that will save you time and money and helps you to decide on what works best in each specific situation. Comprehensive plans and schedules are worked out ahead of time to ensure complete satisfaction on your investment.

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Whether updating a house's current look, or changing the appearance overall, TC Homes will design a project that is right for your home and for you. We will present a wide range of options, and everything is customized to complement the individuality of the environment. From replacing windows that simply don’t work, to making a dramatic change to a home’s exterior, TC Homes offers the best product selection and design options.


Energy efficiency

Many of the products that TC Homes installs can reduce energy bills by as much as 25% in the summer and 10% in the winter. Some projects may even qualify for up to $1,500 in federal income tax credits.


Less maintenance

Some of the material TC Homes uses in our exterior renovation system eliminates most, if not all, routine maintenance. No more scraping, patching or painting every spring and no weather proofing each fall. That means you, the property owner, will have more time to enjoy your home and spend less time and money on maintenance.


Resale value

Because TC Homes materials and installation are built to last, the project is an investment in the long-term value of the property. And today, more than ever, the improved curb appeal of a home will be appreciated by others and increase the home’s value.

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